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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

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Sibyl Vane By lifeless_soul Completed

18th birthday for most girls means going to night clubs--legally, going to adult stores, probably getting a new car, or a cool laptop as a graduation present. But my 18th birthday gift was the weirdest of all and probably the coolest. 
"Mom! I have wings! What is going on, am I turning into some sort of a freak?!" I shrieked.
"No, honey you are an angel...literally."

Angela finds out that she is a Power Angel on her 18th birthday, as her wings fully grow and refuse to disappear. Power angels are the angels of birth and death, and to fully understand the creature she is she has to go to a special school.
 Sempiternal Seraglio is made to teach angels about their magical powers and how to use them. As an assignment one angel has to partner up with a demon. Mostly working with a demon isn't much of a problem, but what if Angel falls for her partner? Will she be able to continue that forbidden relationship or forget the love of her life?

SaltyPotatoChip SaltyPotatoChip Aug 11, 2016
Omg is this gonna be her future or is it he girl who waved back her???
SomeEmoChick13 SomeEmoChick13 Aug 25, 2016
How do people get this many reads? I DONT GET IT! I do only have 2 stories though. :p If you like angels, romance, etc. read between worlds.
Black_Ruby8 Black_Ruby8 Jun 29, 2015
The feels I literally almost cried at the end.. ;( I hope there's a good ending
_annazdro_ _annazdro_ Apr 06, 2015
personally, I think its stupid. I mean, why cant we just put as many pictures in the chapter as we need? Why set a limit?
_annazdro_ _annazdro_ Apr 06, 2015
Omg! How did u manage to get 2 pictures on that thingy that has the pictures above the chapter titles!?!? PLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE I GOTTA KNOW!!!!
JenCutTheCrap JenCutTheCrap Jul 04, 2014
I'll bear with you lol 
                              As long as you put away the claws
                              (So corny sorry)