DOOMED!!( An Arranged marriage story)

DOOMED!!( An Arranged marriage story)

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Ghost  Ryder (Birdy) By ghostryder21 Updated Jan 08

' There are 3 factors to make a Marriage work - LOVE ,TRUST & RESPECT. But when one of them is missing ,especially one of the most important factor "LOVE" .Then what happens ??.........your marriage is "DOOMED"

So here it goes -

Meet  'Mohammed Zaman Khan ' a very ruthless businessman , he's got a very serious and intimidating personality. 

Meet ' Haya Razaq Ali' a very sweet ,naive and innocent girl . Who lost her parents at a young age . And very pious.

So to know what happens when these two totally different individuals are bound in a sacred institution called "MARRIAGE". Stay tuned to find out.

Please do not copy my work or I will butcher you in your sleep ...hehe...I'm just kidding or am I ?

Highest ranking  # 7 on spiritual....december 6th 2015

It is more of Romance than spiritual.

-  Birdy :)

nafisabilal nafisabilal May 08, 2016
Omg I can't believe how would that feel being without you mother that really sad
FarheenaBhooally FarheenaBhooally Feb 08, 2016
It's very good as an intro I think I'll love the  book huh✌💙
1DsGurl25 1DsGurl25 Jun 28, 2016
Of course. We got married and. We're supposed to sleep together and its our first night
nafisabilal nafisabilal May 08, 2016
Why do guy marry a girl and think it okay to hurt them like seriously who the hell does he think he is and why marry her if you gonna divorce her
Aftabalam__07 Aftabalam__07 6 days ago
So sad... That movement is very terrible not for y but everyone.
_One_In_A_Million_ _One_In_A_Million_ Jan 21, 2016
If I were her:Actually I do, we're supposed to sleep together