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a By angeling- Updated Jan 06

"Vincent, let go of me!" I shouted, tears pouring down my face. "Let go!" 

He was shitface drunk and his bloody hands were all over me, only making the night's events more surreal and disgustingly vivid. I continued to sob hysterically, pushing and kicking his strong body that kept pulling me closer. He suddenly placed his hands on my cheeks, coating the skin in the blood of the people who had wronged him. 

"I want you," he slurred, "right now." 

I pushed harder against his chest, the flow of water falling from me, now, seeming to be a permanent stain on my cheeks. "No, stop! Vince, please. You'll hurt me." 

"I want to." He grabbed my wrists. 

"No!" I screamed, then kneed him in the stomach so he was doubled over and forgot about his hold on me. 

But if I could learn to stop lying to myself, I would know he would never let that happen.

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alexissky237 alexissky237 Jul 07, 2016
Seriously ??? California ??? Hey babe this is Massachusetts my gf and her brothers Utah and New Orleans 😂😂😂 call the poor girl Cali or something !
xX_Elle_Xx xX_Elle_Xx Jul 16, 2016
Ew. There's a math teacher at my school and her last name is Chaney. *shuddering in disgust*
VipersDeath VipersDeath Aug 04, 2016
Ok so we've heard about Dane and met Bruno..... So who tf is Vincent???
purpleandpinkgalaxy purpleandpinkgalaxy Aug 16, 2016
Ahahaha hahaha Omgggg I've never had a "fire face" like this before omgg. I SO thought it was Vincent. GOD I was so wrong it's so funny. I was so shocked when he said his name. I'm still in shock.
roses8489 roses8489 Feb 21
Please be Italian! Sorry I'm not very far in Italian so I'm not sure
Cooqi_ Cooqi_ May 08, 2016
Is that Italian? If so, I really need to start leaning it. Too bad I take Spanish...