You Scrub

You Scrub

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A GumLee Fanfic 

Gumball moves to a new school, hoping for a year of friends and maybe love. But instead he gets hate from the male population, misunderstandings that causes his reputation to shake, and a bully who prefers rock and roll compared to Bach or Beethoven. 

Somehow, even though his year keeps getting worse, he sees the positivity in everything still. For example, his bullying is a way for others to recognize him better. He's made a lot of gal friends, who enjoy his company. 

And even though his bully hates his guts, Gumball loves Marshall Lee's.

I swear; that Marshall will be the bad boy and Gummy will be the good boy nerd
I just realised that in the candy kingdom the school buses would literally be twinkies
when someone asks me this i say this.
                              Me: r u gonna sleep with me?
                              Person: hell no!
                              Me: then it doesnt matter bitch =A=
rabbit_life rabbit_life Aug 19
He woke up at 5 so it toke him about 1 hour and 20 min to get ready since it 6:20 
                              DOUBLE TAHT BREADU
Are you fricking serious right now? I always start school on August 12th!!!! WHAT IS THIS??!?!!?!