Psychopath II •• J.J.K    (Completed)

Psychopath II •• J.J.K (Completed)

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"I actually think I may be possessed with demons, I was dropped on my head as a kid." ~ Denis Rader


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Krystal_stories Krystal_stories Dec 29, 2017
I swear this is gonna be the ending
                              Kookie finds out he's gay and goes to V
Krystal_stories Krystal_stories Dec 29, 2017
make sure you take a mint and goo for Jungkook
                              you get it?
                              EAT A MINT JUNGKOOK, SKATE IN SOME GOO
mayakarma8 mayakarma8 Oct 20, 2017
SOMEONE HELP ME IM DO CONFUSED wait where's Lynn what real mommy Erm
MigieBP MigieBP Jan 05
And she chooses to go with kids while wearing a deadass dress, in a MENTAL HOSPITAL.
jungkooksgiggles jungkooksgiggles Aug 09, 2017
I thought he was over her???? I thought he thought that they weren't compatible???
Krystal_stories Krystal_stories Dec 29, 2017
yet you are wearing a pretty dress and going with your daughter
                              Smart move girl, smart move