Psychopath II •• J.J.K    (Completed)

Psychopath II •• J.J.K (Completed)

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"I actually think I may be possessed with demons, I was dropped on my head as a kid." ~ Denis Rader


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GURL your in a room with a crazy man with a dress 
                              Now my playlist is playing " Sorry Sorry " 
I thought he was over her???? I thought he thought that they weren't compatible???
Taeri_taeri Taeri_taeri Sep 25
@1_Tamarix_1 @_absinth_ @BabyMochiChimChim @Idealkpop @ummokwhathihello @histaery umm gurl dont leave him there u just took his daughter and ran out of the room and she couldnt even say goodbye pFt , ANYWAY IF JUNGKOOK LOVED HER HE WOULDNT KILL HER FATHER PFFT
Da fuk like monie I love u dimples but I'm sorry dat. Shît ain't happening on my non existent watch
Taeri_taeri Taeri_taeri Sep 25
So she was married to him but they divorced and he married another woman and kira is the other womans daughter ?
Wow, 5 years and he still hasn't been told what really happened lmao