Psychopath II •• J.J.K    (Completed)

Psychopath II •• J.J.K (Completed)

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"I actually think I may be possessed with demons, I was dropped on my head as a kid." ~ Denis Rader


Ahh you're making me ship Lynn and JungKook again 😦😦 my mixed emotions
True girl true make sure you get ready your fork so you can scrape out heir vocal cords then take out their intestine wrap it around the neck and hang them on the fan watching them spin
I thought he said he liked that one other girl like why is he saying that he loves Lynn now?? But that's okay I guess I mean that was sweet
What im i ..., i have a feeling she isnt safe! I mean its toooo weird for him to just forgive her just like that!
When I read this it at that he wrote 'my name' instead writing Lynn
Five years? Kira was 4 when they left now she is 6 that makes 2 years?