The Soccer Queen

The Soccer Queen

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Abby By CrazyMoments Completed

❝My name is Bella and I may or may not be part of the boys soccer team.❞

❝What team?❞

❝On my old school's rival team.❞

This story has more than one love interest.

izzy52401 izzy52401 Feb 13
Literally I wanted to read this because my name is Isabella and I'm a soccer player and play ODP so I like totally couldn't help myself and be like omg this story is SOOO about me jk 😂😂😂
herarapy herarapy Jan 18
Lol I was innocent when I was 11 and I even told off my brothers to my parent whenever I saw them watching porn
Soccerlife1243 Soccerlife1243 Dec 28, 2015
All I thought was that it was a soccer fan fic not a horny story about a girl running away, I'm mature, get straight A's , an athletic what about you people
Immi_xx Immi_xx Dec 26, 2015
Hey guys so because I'm 15 I'm like soo mich cooler than you and mature and stuff so yeah
                              Yeah i know
                              you do sound like tbat
                              Yeah you do
MHsBooks MHsBooks Nov 06, 2015
doesn't matter if you're 11 or not guys... just don't read it if you get offended. k?!
phivesauce phivesauce Nov 06, 2015
js there's still plenty of 12 and 13 girls who act 11 so saying "im 12 so it doesn't matter to me" or explaining that your thirteen and then adding why you're on wattpad really doesn't do much