ASMR || L.S. (Complete) ✔️

ASMR || L.S. (Complete) ✔️

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Lecree By LouAndI_Larry Completed

Harry has a terrible anxiety and Louis solitudes his fears in the pleasant art of ASMR

[ASMR, for those of you who don't know, is a tingly reaction you feel from various sounds and movements meant to relieve you from anxiety and help you sleep. Google it for more information]

-- Credit to: little_aesthetic_weirdo on instagram for the Harry edit, I only did the text --

I watch ASMR on YouTube sometimes, when I feel like it. But not on a daily basis thing.
I love asmr (mostly the finger movements, Harry potter rooms (asmrrooms is my fav asmr-it's for those), and sometimes tapping or ear to ear whispers. I have a question actually...what is the asmr-it's that you used above so I can go check out her stuff?
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                              S I U O L
Question: when I had my nails done I would tap them and the noises it made would make me feel relax and happy ... Does that count too or is it because im fidgety like it annoyed others so idk?
I love asmr, not so much the mouth sounds and fast Tapping but I LOVE tracing and spa role plays, helps with my anxiety and panic attacks when I'm alone.
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I just say you profile said you're bottom harry af...
                              Let's get this started! Whoop whoop!