Various Anime x Reader

Various Anime x Reader

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elle ♔ By Kalonnix Updated Dec 29, 2017


A collection of my xReader fanfics, fluffs, angst and oneshots.

Animes included:
➳ Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan
➳ Tokyo Ghoul
➳ Pandora Hearts
➳ Haikyuu!!
➳ Kuroko no Basuke
➳ Yuri on Ice!!!
➳ One punch man
➳ Dramatical Murder
➳ Bungou Stray Dogs

And a lot more~
I haven't actually made fanfics for some of those listed above, but I can assure that I'd be making one for them soon.

I dont own anything but the fanfic itself. I dont own the characters, the anime and the art used in my story (unless stated), so credits to the real owners.

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I wish I can't fücking eat a pocky stick without  going into epileptic shock
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Just a second ago I said "SUSHI! WHAT ARE CHU DOING?!" 😂😂😂
CarpetCrumbs CarpetCrumbs Dec 31, 2016
Just wondering, do you do Avatar, Black Butler, or Assassination Classroom? I don't know if you've seen them, and I'd like to make a request for one of them.
AeronSky AeronSky Apr 27, 2016
Can I request a pairing from Fruits Basket? I am asking cause I don't know if you have seen the anime (or manga). Personally I only read the manga I haven't watched the anime.