Being My Brother-in-law's Wife (Completed)

Being My Brother-in-law's Wife (Completed)

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Kimberley By FckingSinatra Updated Mar 05

Jaenelle and Mason sitting in the tree,

We were about to kiss when Mona took him from me.

First they went to college,

Then they built a life,

Since my sister's passed on now I have to be his wife.
Jaenelle Marks, who has always been in her celebrity sister's shadow, has to face the music when tradition binds her with her cold, criminal mastermind brother-in-law, Mason DeLuca. Jae had a lot of things planned for her life but none of them included bringing mulatto kids into the world.

oLedeya oLedeya May 08
Why is everbody loving accents? When I speak English I'am happy when there is no French or German Accent
a3domino a3domino May 13
You think so? 😂 i did two squats yesterday that might be why
a3domino a3domino May 13
I go up a size every summer bc i have nothing else to do but eat 😂 i aint complaining tho
FINALLY a story where the black girl doesn't have a perfect body!
a3domino a3domino May 13
Wait how she know pre calculus and prom is 3 yrs away ? Sis needs to skip a couple grades