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My possessive alpha mate

My possessive alpha mate

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Natashacrazy By Natashacrazy Completed

"You are mine, no one else's but mine!" He growled lowly into my ear, it was so  alluring when his lips slightly brushed against my ear. "Let me go Sebastian, please your hurting me...". That's when he noticed his left hand was painfully digging into my hip and his right was gripping my arm so tightly I was getting a bruise. "I'm so s-sorry, p-please don't leave I-I didn't mean to h-hurt you." He stammered from the shock of realising he hurt his mate. 

:Everyone meet Katrina, she's 16 and she's just a normal school girl. Or as normal as a werewolf could get.

:Now everyone meet Sebastian, he's 17  and his 18th birthday is coming up meaning he needs to find his mate aka his Luna. Oh did I mention he's the new alpha of the blood snow pack. I guess I didn't but well now you know. 

When these two meet, haha well read to find out....

Walk in closet................
                              SHE HAS A MOTHER DUCKING WALK IN CLOSET
not-here not-here Feb 10
Yeah and Donald Trump only got a "small loan of a million dollars"
mahe3356 mahe3356 Feb 19
Wow! Only in chapter one and already I'm thinking I like this book!
I would have been like boii shut yo skinny pencil neck box head as$ lookin like a damn giraffe. Boii if you don't get the foh and take care of yo morning wood you Chin Chilla lookin mmmm make you get cut to day boii
hellflowers hellflowers Feb 27
Bruh I get up at five, honestly it's just so I can read Wattpad for a solid hour before school.
Omg I read that as shepherd like Dr. Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy… OK I'll go home