My possessive alpha mate

My possessive alpha mate

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"You are mine, no one else's but mine!" He growled lowly into my ear, it was so  alluring when his lips slightly brushed against my ear. "Let me go Sebastian, please your hurting me...". That's when he noticed his left hand was painfully digging into my hip and his right was gripping my arm so tightly I was getting a bruise. "I'm so s-sorry, p-please don't leave I-I didn't mean to h-hurt you." He stammered from the shock of realising he hurt his mate. 

:Everyone meet Katrina, she's 16 and she's just a normal school girl. Or as normal as a werewolf could get.

:Now everyone meet Sebastian, he's 17  and his 18th birthday is coming up meaning he needs to find his mate aka his Luna. Oh did I mention he's the new alpha of the blood snow pack. I guess I didn't but well now you know. 

When these two meet, haha well read to find out....

You need to learn how to fight so you can beat a bitchs asss
How the hell does she forget it's a Monday?? It's in my mind all day on Sunday...
I love how it says that she has only got an hour to get ready... 
                              I have to get ready in 10 mins... Notice my struggle!
Sebastian from Black Butler? No one? Okay, I'll just leave then.
he sounds sooooooooooo thirsty oh wait! -hands him some water- there you go
Short sighted seriously it is near sighted that drives me crazy when people do that they say why do you wear glasses is it because your short or long sighted? That just drives me crazy!