My possessive alpha mate

My possessive alpha mate

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"You are mine, no one else's but mine!" He growled lowly into my ear, it was so  alluring when his lips slightly brushed against my ear. "Let me go Sebastian, please your hurting me...". That's when he noticed his left hand was painfully digging into my hip and his right was gripping my arm so tightly I was getting a bruise. "I'm so s-sorry, p-please don't leave I-I didn't mean to h-hurt you." He stammered from the shock of realising he hurt his mate. 

:Everyone meet Katrina, she's 16 and she's just a normal school girl. Or as normal as a werewolf could get.

:Now everyone meet Sebastian, he's 17  and his 18th birthday is coming up meaning he needs to find his mate aka his Luna. Oh did I mention he's the new alpha of the blood snow pack. I guess I didn't but well now you know. 

When these two meet, haha well read to find out....

_kklyo4_ _kklyo4_ Dec 25, 2016
Yo I thought she said she had to wear glasses because she was short 😂
Mialoveshazza Mialoveshazza Dec 21, 2016
Ok...Now we can see who is dumb and  who isn't because of their clothes -.-
Every time I read Katrina I pronounce it Cat-er-Ina because of the vampire diaries. 
                              (Cause Katerina Petrova)
Mialoveshazza Mialoveshazza Dec 21, 2016
This is probably why you don't have friends, if you keep judging and insulting every girl you see you will never have friends or at least you don't deserve
HeygirlHey0925 HeygirlHey0925 Nov 30, 2016
Omg SAME!! But my friends tease me all the time about how pale I am. They usually say where's Maddi in class. ( because the wall are really white)
kaitie_boss kaitie_boss a day ago
I read it as "u can call me whenever u want" so i was like she doesnt have ur number idiot