My possessive alpha mate

My possessive alpha mate

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"You are mine, no one else's but mine!" He growled lowly into my ear, it was so  alluring when his lips slightly brushed against my ear. "Let me go Sebastian, please your hurting me...". That's when he noticed his left hand was painfully digging into my hip and his right was gripping my arm so tightly I was getting a bruise. "I'm so s-sorry, p-please don't leave I-I didn't mean to h-hurt you." He stammered from the shock of realising he hurt his mate. 

:Everyone meet Katrina, she's 16 and she's just a normal school girl. Or as normal as a werewolf could get.

:Now everyone meet Sebastian, he's 17  and his 18th birthday is coming up meaning he needs to find his mate aka his Luna. Oh did I mention he's the new alpha of the blood snow pack. I guess I didn't but well now you know. 

When these two meet, haha well read to find out....

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Every good story starts with an alarm. Let's test that theory, shall we?
I wake up at 6:30 leave the house by 7:00 get to school around 7:20 then homeroom starts at 8:45
Hey I have started to like this story from the first page. 
                              Nice description of the characters. And I think that Sebastian is her mate
funer345 funer345 Jan 13
Is it just me or just every book start with an alarm going on
dude, you have an hour to get ready, I always have like 5 minutes, makeup, hair and putting on clothes....maybe that's why my teachers hate me? probably
fallsphoenix fallsphoenix Dec 30, 2017
Lmao i relate to this so much. 
                              My brother is a fakboi and almost everyday girls annoy me, asking me about him and shiz.