Banished By My Mate (Being Edited) (There's another copy with all the chaps)

Banished By My Mate (Being Edited) (There's another copy with all the chaps)

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"You thought that you could get away from us." Damien asked while walking towards me. Every time he took a step towards me I took one back. 

"You belong to us." Damon said. My back hit the wall and I knew I was in trouble. "Please just leave me alone." Damon shook his head no. 

"I let you get away from me twice, this time its not happening." He said with his eyes going black. Damon went behind me while Damien was in front. 

He trailed kisses down my right side and Damien did the same on the left "You're our mate." I wanted to scream that I am not your mate but I couldn't speak, I was to wrapped up in the pleasure of having both of them touching me.

"MINE" They both said before biting down on my neck marking me as theirs. I was so angry but I couldn't say anything because when they took their teeth out of me I passed out.

salenarose salenarose Aug 19, 2014
is this setup like star wars you know in order yet not in order of numbers increasing like they would usually like 1,2,3,4,5,6
MelissaBlackston MelissaBlackston Aug 10, 2014
can you please tell me how to get the one with all the chapters can't find it
harleygirl15 harleygirl15 Aug 06, 2014
Whatttttttt? Really is the girl saying the pov or the bot I'm so counfussd right now
Hannah_Bethh Hannah_Bethh Jul 24, 2014
so there's another copy or version idk. Idk which one to read.?
my_lil_cactus my_lil_cactus Jul 05, 2014
Just let me ask if this is right it's a threesome with Damon(boy) damien(girl) and joy(girl) please tell me if this is right I'm confused
orick4 orick4 Mar 03, 2014
This would be a good read but all the chapters are screwed up