Letters to Niall- Prologue

Letters to Niall- Prologue

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emily hi By damndimples Updated Feb 10, 2013

Warning: character death, swearing, self harm.

a/n I hated writing this, I didn't want the death to be graphic, so its short.


Harry's eyes fluttered open as he woke from his unconscious, sleepy state. He immediately saw the blond tuft of hair, making his smile grow. There was not one person in the world he loved more than Niall. It had always been Niall. All he wanted was to make Niall happy, and Harry knew he failed that. The only thing he wanted in the world, he was failing at keeping. It broke him in half, and he dug a deep enough whole that he couldn't get out of.

It began a week ago. When these feelings came back. The ones that told Harry he wasn't good enough to be with Niall, let alone be alive. They had always been there, but never this strong. Not strong enough to actually convince him of this. Niall was his rock, and he was slowly slipping away. Slipping to a place Harry didn't want to be, but he was. And as hard as he fought, he was stuck in this depressed state. H...