Taylor's Revenge (Vengeance and Seduction Series #3) Strictly 18+++ Only

Taylor's Revenge (Vengeance and Seduction Series #3) Strictly 18+++ Only

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Iliada Troy By iliada Completed

Eighteen-year-old Manhattan princess Taylor Halliwell always gets what she wants. So when her mother's new husband and cheating scumbag Eric threatens her standing in her mother's household, Taylor decides to take matters into her own hands.

(This is kinda dark and kinky so please only read this if you're over 18!)
Eric pressed me against him until I felt his manhood hard against my stomach. He bent down and brushed his mouth against my ear. "I'm not entirely heartless, sweetie," he whispered. "Although you can't see your boyfriend, I might be willing to take you into my bed if you ask nicely."

"You're a real piece of work, Eric," I said, trying to keep my voice from trembling. I tried to push him away, but his grip was as tight as iron. "Do you realize what my mom would do to you if she found out you're touching me like this?"

"Will you tell her? Because she probably won't believe you, princess." He squeezed my ass again, but hard this time. 

It took all my self-control to keep from moaning. And spreading my legs and begging him to do more. 

"Why not?" I said.

"Because I already told her you came on to me a few times," he said, not bothering to keep the gloating tone out of his voice. "This whole business with Steele has convinced my darling Calista that you just can't keep your hands off older men."

My heart sank as I realized how he had trapped me. I couldn't believe this gold-digging asshole was effectively taking control of my life and I couldn't do anything about it. 

I shut my eyes as he nuzzled the side of my neck. His kisses were hot and wet, and God help me I didn't want them to stop.

"Bastard," I whimpered.

His mouth moved to my throat. "Let's be friends, Taylor," he whispered between kisses."If I get what I want, I'll let you have what you want."

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath to try to calm the raging desire coursing through my body . "What do you want, Eric?"

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