The Secrets we Keep (Camren)

The Secrets we Keep (Camren)

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Lauren Jauregui; Captain of the softball team. Most popular girl in school. Every girls hero and every guys dream. She's dating the most popular girl in school; Kendall Jenner. She has everything. Perfect grades. Perfect girl. But shes failing one subject. History. She couldn't be bothered with it. It was in the past, and it should stay in the past. Kendall was a brainiac, but whenever their teacher would assign her to tutor Lauren it never worked out.

That's where she came in.

Camila Cabello; Beauty, brains.. Invisible? Yes, she was gorgeous, and smart, even sexy. But she was completely invisible in school.. Nobody knew who she was. Except, they did. In a way she wished they didn't. They knew her as the school slut. Because she got pregnant in the eighth grade. And now she's assigned to tutor the girl she's been madly in love with since then. The girl she hasn't talked to in three years.

Lauren and Camila had a secret. A deep one.
Lauren was the cause of Camila's baby.

ChinMing07 ChinMing07 Sep 12
Camila is a good woman she isn't lying to her child or keeping her in the dark. You're doing amazing single mommy
Randomdimple Randomdimple 2 days ago
That is honestly so cute but disturbing at the same time because sex at 13 is still bothering me.
ChinMing07 ChinMing07 Sep 12
Nothing but they were experimenting with each other and Camila got pregnant
we all acting like we wouldn’t give our life to have sex with any age💀
Lmao I thinks it's funny how Becky G plays the yellow ranger in the movie and both are latinas who dated the same guy and are now friends😂😂
MaySmith545 MaySmith545 5 days ago
Don't have unprotected sexsexexsex unless u want a kid ... lol