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Without You

Without You

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Joanna By itsbangtan Completed

What's worse than stuck being partners with a boy you hate in class?
What's worse than being betrayed by a boy you hate?
What's worse than being heartbroken by the boy you thought you hated?
What's worse than those?

Jeon Jungkook was the typical bad boy in school. He had two close friends, Kim TaeHyung and Park Jimin. The ladies loved them, the boys hated them. They'd start the fights, they'd break girls hearts. Jungkook had a pick with one girl in his art class. He'd annoy her so much because she was so easy to pick on. Her name is Yoo JiYoon. She hates him with a passion and life seemed to be off her side when her art teacher paired them together. But things happen, people's true sides come out, or at a time she thought people could really change. What's worse than being proven wrong?

Sweetsunshine292 Sweetsunshine292 Oct 19, 2016
                              (Sorry, i'll go now)
People harm themselves in different ways. Someone I know continuously drags sand paper on her skin
Got17kookies_ Got17kookies_ Mar 19, 2016
I wouldve drawn a pencil that had been beaten up and put back together with a bandage tbh.
_nothing_personal_ _nothing_personal_ Dec 02, 2016
Looking at this lineup, I totally would have draw a city trapped under a cup all in black and white with a singular, tiny red flower amongst the bustling city
adorbstae adorbstae Mar 16, 2016
i remember being in love with this fanfic, gUESS WHAT I STILL AM
Sweetsunshine292 Sweetsunshine292 Oct 19, 2016
Nu uh, most of us in the comments are with you
                              I looove drawing and with crayons (I legit sound like a 5 year old kid)