Please Don't Reject Me (BXB)

Please Don't Reject Me (BXB)

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♚⛧♔ By querenciax Updated May 18

Guess who's the typical jock and player? Eric Astyns.

And the shy and bullied one? Colin Silns.

What will happen when their lives are clashed into each other's?

Yeah too bad you're gonna have to read to find out. d:

Oh and did I ever tell you, they're werewolves?

jeonglena jeonglena Apr 06
Well, if it was me, I say we stay up all night...
                              And watch some hot yaoi anime to keep my soul awake and kickin'!!!
Is he cute...
                              They call me the 'he's totally not hot, but _____ is girl'
nqksthrdmn nqksthrdmn Nov 04
He slept for a week and his mum never came up to his room to check him?
Rain_182_ Rain_182_ Jun 26
I like how it shows Eric just I can't see the one I want to see lol
NtheBird NtheBird Jun 25
Wtf is wrong with u kid?😡👿😡👿😡👿🖕🖕🖕🖕🗡⚔
He look cute with that black hoodie that says "failed to load media".