Avengers Prefences

Avengers Prefences

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Destiel Trash By JunoJaxx Updated Dec 22, 2016

Tony: You were heading to Stark industries for an interview to be Tony's new personal assistant. As soon as you entered the building you were told that Mr.Stark was waiting for you in his office. You continued walking and lightly knocked on his office door. 

"Ms.(Y/L) come in!" He said

"Hello Mr.Stark" you replied taking a seat 

"Please, Call me Tony." You nodded and told him to call you (Y/N) and proceeded to continue the interview.

-time skips-

"So (Y/N) what do you think about our weapons? He asked

"I hope they just don't fall into the wrong hands." He nodded 

"One last question."

"Shoot" you said feeling a bit more comfortable.

"How about a date on Saturday let's say around 7?" He asked as red came across your face losing your cool. 

"U-Um,Yes I'd love to." You say as you wrote down your number on a piece of paper. 

Tony smiled "Great. You got the job then Monday you start." 

"Y-Yea. Great, um I have to go n-now" you stuttered walking out of his office while he had a ...

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Hoyorin Hoyorin Oct 24, 2017
I'm picturing Loki trying to beat me at Just Dance
                              It's hilarious
- - Jun 08, 2017
                              Or, even better,
                              ALL DA SINGLE LADIES, ALL DA SINGLE LADIES
HE IS SO FLUFFY IM GOING TO DIE ........do I need to say more?
--reputation --reputation Sep 28, 2017
this kid at my school is running a pop tart company out of his locker
-vxidnyx -vxidnyx Dec 23, 2017
Oml "Man of Iron" or any of Thor's nicknames for other will never get old for me😂😂😂😂
FangirlingWarning FangirlingWarning Feb 18, 2017
                              I love being called Doll
                              Idk why it's just adorable