The Beauty and The Punk |Pastel Dan, Punk Phil

The Beauty and The Punk |Pastel Dan, Punk Phil

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Dan Howell, the school 'nerd'. Yeah, that's the clique he has been put into. He's shy, has a passion for theatre, loves to draw, wears flower crowns, button up shirts, and pastel sweaters. The popular group bullying him constantly, pulling flowers out his flowers crowns, crumbling his drawings, physically harming him, calling him names, and taking any and every moment to call him out about his feminine appearance. He hasn't had many friends except for his best and only friend, Pj. He hasn't had much luck in his life but will something or someone turn that around?

Phil Lester, the school punk. He is the kind of person parents fear their child dating. Piercings, tattoos, but what no one suspects is his soft personality. No one really cares to get to know him due to 'status quo'. He doesn't mix in with the popular crowd that is constantly bullying Dan. He's more of a loner, but still playfully teases Dan time from time. So in reality: he is a fucking dork. 

•Mentions of bullying, depression, anxiety, may have smut idk, homophobia, under-aged drinking, pheels overload• 

•I don't own dan or phil, or the concept  of pastel! dan or punk! phil•


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But then I also read the sentence as "Nice flower dab out of the way"
PhanPan223 PhanPan223 Jun 28
                              IT IS BETTER BY FAR TO KEEP THINGS AS THEY ARE
                              DONT MESS WITH THE FLOW NO NO
                              STICK TO THE STATUS QUOOOO
i didn't know what that piercing was so i googled it and i have arachnophobia and i freaked the hell out i didn't wanna see spiders
*eye roll for the generic part in every fanfic by this frickin fandom*
If this is not finished I will get very triggered cry silently and scream and post about it on Instagram
How would you describe yourself in three words? "Gay flower princess." (I know it's supposed to be an insult but to he'll with what it's supposed to be this describes my personality 75% if you added gay somewhere it would be 100%)