Fix You - Harry Styles

Fix You - Harry Styles

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Alexia Jones has been told she's a mistake all her life..

As she got older she starts to smoke drink and have one night stands. 

People say she needs to be help maybe even fixed? 

She's not how she use to be. 

What happens when she has a one night stand with a certain boy band member, Harry styles? 

What if harry wants to have more than just that night with her? Will she let him in? Will harry try and fix her? Or will he give up like everyone else? 

Find out in fix you.

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Okay, if he parents didn't care about her. They Would just let her do whatever she wants. But they do and she's pissed at them for it WTF
BiChristine BiChristine Sep 02
I don't get it? The parents sound decent, sounds like they really care about her future and are worried about where she was...Besides them saying she was a mistake they seem like normal parents. Doesn't really make me feel the emotions of what the character is going through.
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