Project YZ

Project YZ

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Frozenuniverse By Frozenuniverse Updated Aug 18, 2019

"Dreams don't betray us. When we lose ourselves, that's when we lose our dreams. It's not that dreams don't come true, we just give up on them."


M and her friends get in a situation they weren't  expecting. When a toxic cloud brings terror to the world, turns everyone evil, and Sonic goes missing; they have no choice but to team up with Dr. Eggman. A strange hedgehog scientist named Dr. Akari helps the heroes in their journey, who says she might have a cure. Can the world be restored? I write what pops into my head

A/N: I'll explain a bit more on the character, her nickname is M, I guess Meloetta as a name I picked. Idk why. 
I'll have a pic on her probs later in chapters. And I republished this book because I could have done so much better on the chapters. 
Idfk lmao