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Shattered like glass. (PJO fanfic. Betrayal)

Shattered like glass. (PJO fanfic. Betrayal)

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Daughter of The Big3 By DemigodInTraining Completed

Percy is broken. Shattered. All his friends have betrayed him. Annabeth has cheated on him. Chiron thinks of him as a disgrace. And the gods do not know a thing about what has happened. The only one who knows what happened and has stayed with Percy the whole way is Nico, and he is hardly around. What happens after Percy is badly injured, tortured, and shuts himself out from the rest of the world? What is Nico going to find in Percy's cabin when Percy doesn't come out? Who caused Percy's misery? Well, none other than the famous sons of Morpheus himself, Zachary and Bruce. What will the gods do? How will they heal Percy? Can he be healed?
All will be revealed. When you read this story.

LennyBoysRDank LennyBoysRDank May 06, 2016
Wait, how do you do a flashback instantly? There was no intro or prologue, just instant flashback. You coukd just include the parts of the flashback minus where it says flashback and then put a time skip. No hate, just advice
BookwormTalents BookwormTalents May 02, 2016
A. M. A. Z. I. N. G.
                              W  I   M  
                              E  R   A    I dont know anymore
                              S  A   Z
                              O  C   I
                              M  L  N
                              E  E  G
smallnugget34 smallnugget34 Jun 26, 2016
Guys. Let's think about Hades screaming. 
                              I imagine a girly yelp.
nobody0405 nobody0405 Jan 01
just a suggestion but can you put spaces in between paragraphs because then that defeats the point of inline comments
ploiuiu ploiuiu Dec 28, 2015
Please update soon a new chapter. What is going to happen to Annabelle and what will do Nico will he yell to the other campers?