Not As He Seems- Book 1

Not As He Seems- Book 1

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Kris Finch By BrokenDownValdez Completed

Percy may act tough and strong on the outside, but on the inside, he was broken. His step-father is abusive, and no one really knew, until Annabeth gets stuck in between. 

Piper and Jason are the ones to call the cops, and get Percy away from the scene, but who knows what actually happened to Percy that day. Even Annabeth seems oblivious, and she was actually there.


  • abuse
  • annabethchase
  • argus
  • chiron
  • cutting
  • gabeugliano
  • percabeth
  • percyjackson
  • smellygabe
Sassier_Than_You Sassier_Than_You Aug 05, 2017
Hunny, if you don't want anyone to see the scars and cuts, thighs are great 
                              *cough* NOT THAT I CONDONE IT OR ANYTHING
SophieTheDemiwitch SophieTheDemiwitch Aug 19, 2017
S-so this i-isn't an AU?
LoraChase LoraChase Aug 15, 2017
This is me when someone asks to borrow my book. I'm mentally saying no while I'm actually saying yes.
LoraChase LoraChase Aug 15, 2017
*face palm* what happened to Annabeth and her not wanting you to do that?
NightArrow14 NightArrow14 Jun 19, 2017
Omg!!!!!! Why? Why?! Why!? 
                              *eating ice cream while watching the Notebook*
NightNightWingHybrid NightNightWingHybrid Jun 25, 2017
I have a knife and it has Gabe's name written straight across the blade.