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The game of life (Hetalia x reader)

The game of life (Hetalia x reader)

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DEATH BY YURI ON ICE By kirbyfan72 Updated 3 days ago

So you are in college, great huh? But then one day when your coming back from the store (great setting huh?) 12 people show up in your house! And not just any 12 people. It tis ZHE TOTALLY AMAZING HETALIA GANG!! So yeah, a bunch of stuff happens, like gaming, 2ps and a lot of other pointless stuff happens while there is a slight (ok maybe big depending on how long you have been reading) harem developing for you! 

So like, this is my first reader insert fan fic. So I apologize if it's kinda crappy 0-0

unbreonlover unbreonlover Jun 20, 2016
iggy (arther's nickname because eyebrows) and alfred would argue all night
                              why would they agree,
                              well at least francis isnt in that room either
CanterburyGirl CanterburyGirl Jul 18, 2016
Okay, before I read this, I'd just like to say, THE COVER FOR THIS STORY IS THE BOMB
iiTrazix iiTrazix Oct 31, 2016
Okay, so let's be more realistic and switch the " [Y/N] " in this story with me. 
                              [ - - - ]
                              Me: Sees 8 random people sitting on the chairs in MY house.
                              Me: Kicks them all in the crotch.
                              Me: Call the Police.
                              Me: Give them " the finger ".
                              Me: Throw them all outside. 
                              [ - - - ]
                              The End.
-timidsmolbean_ -timidsmolbean_ Jul 27, 2016
Well, that escalated quickly.
                              Great story though! ^-^
                              - Yuki
FlirtatiousFrenchMan FlirtatiousFrenchMan Oct 25, 2016
My reaction:
                              * sees them and walks to the fridge while grabbing a case of pudding * 
                              Not gonna deal with this
                              I'm done 
                              *I say as I leave the room*
RandomAuthoress RandomAuthoress Jun 18, 2016
Me (when I saw strangers in my house): *drops groceries*
                              Me: *runs to phone*
                              Me: uh hello? 911? Um there are *cough hot cough* strangers in my house and they're staring at me with their cold, dead, judging, eyes.