KHR: class 3-A

KHR: class 3-A

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Angelknight By DanahBarce Updated 2 days ago

A/N: ok everyone, this is my first time making an anime fanfic but I have read some of the stories that are KHR from people or authors here at wattpad. Though, I am not too sure if there will be any grammar mistakes... 

From: angelknight

Summary: as we all know that tsunayoshi sawada is a dame-tsuna, (including his classmates knowing that too of course). What if, at tsunayoshi sawada's third year of junior high school at Namimori will change all of that? 

Reborn, reporting all of the progress that tsuna has made to vongola nono and also reporting to him that tsuna's classmates are still bullying him and still thinks that he is still a dame at his third year of middle school. 

What will happen when suddenly their teacher, Nezu-sensei, has told class 3-A that they will be going to Italy as part of having a vacation there for a week? While at the same time, a troubles brewing that's quite near where Tsuna's class and his group are?

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Alyzia80 Alyzia80 Sep 04, 2016
SERIOUSLY, WTH IS HE GOING TO DO?!?! Is he going to torture and kill him in the most painful way possible? Or is he going to blow the man up? WHAT WILL HE DO?!?!?!
Lollipop_Usagi Lollipop_Usagi Jun 15, 2015
Can't wait!
                              And go Hayato! Protect Tsuna as the right-hand-man!!! XD