The Ascent

The Ascent

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JAPartridge By JAPartridge Updated Sep 29, 2015

It was only supposed to be a minor military expedition and Kenneth Phon was only supposed to be an observer. But when the ambitions of powerful men turn to betrayal and murder, the largest human war fleet ever assembled finds itself leaderless and lost, thousands of light-years deep in the territory of a hostile alien empire.

With the fleet surrounded and on the point of surrender, Kenneth Phon takes charge and leads them in their fight home through hundreds of enemy systems.  The underachieving son of a wealthy shipbuilder, Ken must fight off more experienced commanders trying to undermine his authority and fractious mercenary ship captains who'd rather fight each other or turn pirate than cooperate.

If he fails, not only will the fleet be destroyed, but the defenseless Earth will be sterilized by aliens bent on revenge.

(Based on a true story.)

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So this is a bit like Star Trek: Voyager, if only in premise then? I assume that a lot of creative license will have been taken with regards to the plot?
                              (Sorry for the questions - just deciding if I'd like to read this :P)
GeorgeEmmanouil GeorgeEmmanouil Oct 26, 2015
I know I have raed it to both books frrom jenofon kyrou anabasis and the second the the desend of the myriad both are extraordinary and true story
aftermat aftermat Oct 12, 2015
This is also my childhood reading material, years before google
JAPartridge JAPartridge Aug 04, 2015
thank you. I completely understand. My reading list is truly frightening and I constantly feel like I'm neglecting someone...
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Aug 04, 2015
I came to check out your the other novel - sorry for my lapses, I tend to get distracted - and saw this. It's in the Wattys, so let's see ..
JAPartridge JAPartridge Jun 25, 2015
LOL.  You sir, are a twisted genius.  I'm sitting here at work and almost did a spit-take on my computer...