Kama Sutra (New Adult)

Kama Sutra (New Adult)

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ninamitch48 By ninamitch48 Updated Sep 05, 2015

Kama Sutra 

"Come on baby girl, tell me who owns this body," his menacing virile tone caused me to quiver.  My hooded glazed eyes looked upon my captors Prussian blue ones, which had bewitched my body into doing sinful degrading acts for sexual pleasure.  A tan masculine hand clasped tightly around my neck, bringing my thoughts to an abrupt stop and causing my airways to become constricted.  "ANSWER ME SLUT," his voice oozing with an authoritative dominance.  "You, I belong to you my Sir, my Daddy, my Master," I gasped out trying to regain oxygen into my lungs. 


Do my work, follow office polices and regulations, and remain on your bosses good side were a part of Shanina's written in stone commandments she had written for herself to abide by when offered a position at Malfacini Corporation in London.  But, little did she know, once she had crossed the pond, there would be a controlling, egoistical, vindictive man who had the power to break the pusillanimous goody-two-shoes ...

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