The Covington Boys (ON HOLD)

The Covington Boys (ON HOLD)

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TangledWebWeWeave By Leota27 Updated Sep 19, 2016

Mia Winston lost her mother in a horrible accident when she was only 14 years old. Having no family willing to take her in and care for her, her mother's childhood best friend was the only person who was willing to step forward and welcome Mia into her home.
       Mia wasn't sure what to expect living with Mrs. Caroline Covington and her two sons, but she soon discovered the depths of the boys obsession, possessiveness, and control once they decided that they wanted Mia for themselves and they did until Caroline sent her away wanting to give Mia a normal life, to shield her from the world they really lived in, to give her a life without two obsessed Mates.
        Now 7 year later Mia has received some heart wrenching news prompting her to return to the last place she called a home. Having to come face to face with the two boys, now men that taught her all about passion, lust, desire and love. To once again be thrust into a world of domination and control by The Covington Boys her unknown Mates.

Mature Content There are sexual scenes and situations through out the book! 18+

Unedited until Complete!

Characters are of my own mind. DO NOT STEAL OR COPY. PLAGIARISM WILL BE REPORTED!! 

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  • alpha
  • betrayed
  • control
  • desire
  • domination
  • hunters
  • love
  • mates
  • mature
  • obsession
  • passion
  • possessiveness
  • revenge
  • romance
  • sexual
  • sharing
  • submission
  • twins
  • wolves
shy_firecracker shy_firecracker Apr 14, 2017
0.o no no no nuuu this is all wrong nuuuuu wrong person guuurrl (and yet she knows that) :C
beautyy_within beautyy_within Jun 08, 2016
Well I'm glad this has over 20+ chapters 😌 now I can keep reading lml
starvy starvy Aug 26, 2015
its only a prologue but already sensing that this will be a good one ! cant wait to finish your story.