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Why didn't he let me die?

Why didn't he let me die?

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Clau. By PrettyLegiit Completed

Arisela; a simple but beautiful girl and is 16 years old. She's a straight A+ student and her height was around 5'6. She's pretty, everybody thinks so, but she never believed it. 

She has chocolate brown hair with soft curls on the tips of her hair, pretty bluish-green eyes with long lashes that made her eyes stand out even more, also has perfect sun kissed skin tone, and plump pinkish lips. Everyone could see how beautiful she was, some even though she was little miss perfect.The thing was, she may look perfect, but her life is messed as you think. She always got bullied by this certain Queen bee of their school, Chanelle. She dislikes Ari so much that she would do anything to make her life a living hell! Why? because Ari always had high perfect grades, the teacher's favorite, and some people admires her wondeful personality and how gorgeous she was. Eventually, rumours would come around, obviously spread by Chanelle and her little barbie friend making people look at her in a bad way. Her boyfriend, Cato was the school's bad boy and hot teen but he is such an arrogant, self centered idiot. He would bully me because Chanelle would ask her to. but they have no idea what my past is.. they have no right to judge ane bring me down.

As for my family, I only have my Mom now because she and my Father had been separated and he married another woman. but he never stopped supporting me. Unfortunately, I'm an only child. but, I do have three step brothers, which loved and cared for me so much, and a step sister but they live way back in California. My real Mom would sometimes go to clubs, or places where she gets too drunk because she'd miss Dad or would get depressed, so she would spend all the money my Dad sent for us. There would be times she finishes all the money and I just starve to death at home, but there's nothing I could do.

Read and find out what happens next! That's not all the details!

I totally thought that she (from the book) said 
                              Look at the (is spelled out) s l t and I'm here thinking "this nigga gay" 
                              Sike just thought that they were such dumbasses the don't know how to spell
MelissaElaineGuy MelissaElaineGuy Jun 16, 2016
It said in the description her dad and step brothers lived in California? That's a little confusing
Atiyaf1d Atiyaf1d Nov 26, 2016
What a stupid way to bully someone or about something? bless the innocent girl
constellationscar constellationscar Nov 17, 2016
BOI. ya can't do that unless you know her past. clearly, you dont
BreeIsles BreeIsles Jun 09, 2014
I only just started reading this book and I hate Cato soooooo freakin much!!!!
PrettyLegiit PrettyLegiit Feb 16, 2013
@mella26 hehehe yea :D i just couldn't wait to write this bcuz i thought i's a great story to write :D and thanks so much ate wellz! :) <3