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Destiel By Bicalum Completed

"please say your name and why you're here."

"um, I'm luke and I punch a guy for calling me fag, cause I wear skirts."

"I-I'm Michael, and I'm ugly."

"I'm calum and I'm 'too skinny'." 

"I'm Ashton and I have depression." 

Or Where 4 boys go to a camp and start to catch feelings.

(Okay this was one of my first fan fics so the beginning of it is soooooo bad don't fight me on this one)

why are some of yall trippin over your weight?? be thankful that you have a scale to weigh yourself on and a doctor to go to. tf
i tried starving myself for a little while, to see if the fat on my thighs or in my butt would go away...but then i realized how pointless and stupid it was, and i gave up
My thighs make me cry because all girls are so skinny and just argh. Calum (in the story) is so lucky. I wish I was confident but I can't be : (
vvvvvvapor vvvvvvapor Oct 12
I have thick thighs and guys at my school tease me about it. :')
pummykins pummykins Oct 25
hello! im giselle and welcome to my life crumbling before my very own hands!