The Mark

The Mark

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From the moment he walked into the diner his whole world changed.The sarcastic waitress was his mate, Maddox Coleman future Alpha of the Silver Lake Pack  couldn't believe it. She was everything he could have wanted. Except for one thing she was human. Noone thought a human could mate a wolf. 

Ivey was different then girls her age. She was a loner and never quite fit in to what society thought was normal. There was so much pain in her eyes that Max couldn't understand but he immediately felt the overwhelming possessivness and the need to protect, that a mate should feel. He wanted to take the pain away.  When he finally tells her he's a wolf and  her mate, she surprises him and accepts him with open arms. 

Ivey tries to let go of her past and all the pain she's endured to be happy with Max. Only then, when they think they can be happy, Ivey's past suddenly becomes her present and the mysterious dad that vanished comes back. Only what he has to say will change everything the two have ever thought and turn their lives upside down.

 Can Max save her from going through the pain again. Can her father explain how Max was able to make her his mate or would he try to take her from him. Also what will happen when a mysterious new wolf comes into the picture and changes everything for the two.

 Follow there story through her pain, heartache and war that can change everyones lives forever. Can they survive what the goddess will asked of them?

***For the sake of plagiarism and now the book being in the process of being published. This version is COMPLETELY UNEDITED.  It is also registered for copyright so please don't think you can steal my work.

kgrissom kgrissom Oct 25, 2014
@lovingcandyfloss thank you very much. make sure you check out my blog I put updates and all kinda of things including completely edited chpts exerpts. the revised version wil have some changes but the storyline is the same
lovingcandyfloss lovingcandyfloss Oct 25, 2014
You honestly sound like such a nice person just from me reading the author's note at the beginning! I can't wait to read this ;)
Gabriella_Lancaster Gabriella_Lancaster Sep 21, 2014
Just a note...I believe you meant to say that she has a fair complexion.   Interesting start...continuing my reading to see if our heroine gets to live, love, and experience a much better future.
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