Everyone Died+My iPhone Stopped Working: An Oral History of The Robot Apocalypse

Everyone Died+My iPhone Stopped Working: An Oral History of The Robot Apocalypse

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AaronRubicon By AaronRubicon Updated Oct 01, 2016

*****WATTYS 2015 WINNER!*****


In the end, the robots win. 

But you already knew that.

"Everyone Died + My iPhone Stopped Working" is a collection of short interviews with some of the survivors. People who have tremendous insight into the rise of Artificially Intelligent machines or, more often, don't.

Why did the robots rise up? What did they want? Why couldn't they be stopped? Can they be stopped now? Is humanity doomed? And what the f--k is going on with the squirrels?

You will get the answers to all of these questions. Or some of these questions. Or none of these questions. We'll see.

I will be updating this once a week until I run out of stuff that I find funny. Then I'm done.

Cover art courtesy of the hilarious and ridiculously talented Dave Pressler. (http://www.davepresslerart.com)

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mestrin mestrin Nov 13, 2017
Is it possible that Lucas knows how to pick a lock (without googling it)?
a_pathetic0524 a_pathetic0524 Oct 19, 2017
Reading the second times. I still love this book :') AND I STILL  NEED LUCAS
wayyhot wayyhot Oct 28, 2017
I'm surprised by the amount of people, who do not know what a hectare is
I just saw  two squirrels climbing up a tree outside my window
transfigured transfigured Aug 02, 2017
We're all like Lucas, because we're reading books on an app.
                              So... Good luck with the apocalypse guys
wayyhot wayyhot Oct 28, 2017
I would of preferred, 'And may your day be moth-free', but it doesn't have that ring to it.