Nalu Lemon

Nalu Lemon

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important a/n ; for now this chapter has 6.9 reads  and I have no idea why people are reading this bc I only wanted _FairyTail_NaLu_ to read it

"Are you scared?" Natsu asked an unsure Lucy.

"A little bit. Its my first time doing this," Lucy replies looking down a bit.

"Well Sting from Sabertooth wanted me to do it when we were drunk, but I refused, since it was going to be my first time and I wouldn't wanna do it drunk. The worst could happen from that," Lucy ranted.

"Don't be scared, Luce," Natsu said.

"And you promised me you would do this for my satisfaction," Natsu added.

"But it's still my first time. Please be easy on me?" Lucy asked Natsu. 

"I will, don't worry Luce,"

Natsu pulled out the large bulge in his pants. Lucy gasped at its size. It was the biggest erm... Thingie she had ever seen. 

"Open wide," Natsu instructed the feared, starry mage.

Lucy opens her mouth wide and it entered her, almost hitting the back of her throat. She groped it and bit and bit into it an...

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