Call Me Six

Call Me Six

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Morgan Elle By -Melle Completed

"I'm not who you think I am."

Human beings are incredibly good actors, we all put on a daily show and take part in the charade, entitled: Life.

You may hate me, call me a slut or a whore, but please remember... I'm not who you think I am. 

There's reason behind my ways; events that I wish would never have happened, people I don't want to know.

But dear Tobias, please know that, you ruined me, now I'll gladly return the favour.


Divergent fanfic! This is basically my twist on a 'Divergent High' type book. Obviously I don't own any of the characters because - as far as I know - my name is not Veronica Roth, but, the plot is all mine.

Tris' character will differ tremendously from how she acts and behaves in the original books but I promise that there is reason for this. Tobias is an ass in this by the way... (we all still love him, though)



A/N: This story revolves around the complications of teenage love, sex and slut shaming. This is not supposed to be taken offensively - quite the opposite actually.

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WilfredDheoDuran WilfredDheoDuran Oct 31, 2017
DaytonNotTayton DaytonNotTayton Mar 15, 2017
I made sure that no body ship's Tobina cause it sounds like a disease. 😂
- - Apr 23, 2017
For everyone thinking its tris, please read the description orlf the says tris is different yet there are ways to her madness
ct4friends ct4friends Jul 03, 2017
I'd rather kiss a narwall than have four and Chris b a couple
charityjohnson34 charityjohnson34 Oct 25, 2016
OMG nnnnoooo this can't be happening I'm dying boohoo I see the light help... me😭😭😭😭
DaytonNotTayton DaytonNotTayton Nov 28, 2016
Me -*Throws up* "SUCK A D-"
                              Tobias- "What?"
                              Me- "Nothing..."