I Trust You (girlxgirl)

I Trust You (girlxgirl)

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"Your girl just walked into the cafeteria." I turned around and Skylar Kingsley just walked in. She's so beautiful, but she hates my guts. I have never talked to her, but well, she hates everyone. She's the school troublemaker. She skips classes, gets into fights, and argues with teachers. I still like her. Always wearing tight leather pants and a leather jacket, her tan skin, and her long straight dark brown hair. Damn, she's insanely gorgeous, and I've liked her since I first laid eyes on her in 10th grade. 

Finley Harrison is a hot celebrity star who just can't work up the courage to talk to her crush. The mysterious girl intrigues Finley, and hopefully she finds out why.

Skylar Kingsley's had a rough life. Her Mom died and her father doesn't give a shit about her. She has no one, and she thinks that's how it'll be for the rest of her life.

This story contains mentions of rape and violence.

AnimeWolfGirls AnimeWolfGirls 3 days ago
Hi, I'm Kaylee and I don't know how to feel about my name on Urban Dictionary.
Has anyone ever read the GxG book "The Billion's" because what im about to say may be confusing if you haven't read it. Anyway, if Fin was Iva, The person who's doing this to Skylar would've been taken care of in a matter if seconds because of her Iris most likely.
Wait so they have sex basically or does she mean just go to her without the sex part?
ugh I really hate it when I have to read about things like this even if it's fiction
I hope to see more of this often.. good luck with your new story
                              Can't wait to read what's coming 😊
domsayyyy domsayyyy Nov 16
There's a  thing called. Wait.... hmmm. I need to remember dammit......... oh yeah' "cellphone"