His Russian Master {ManxBoy} [ON HOLD]

His Russian Master {ManxBoy} [ON HOLD]

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🦄Beatrice🦄 By lostboys_lostgirls Updated Jul 17, 2017

Adrian Hale is a newborn vampire. He doesn't remember how he was turned all he knows is he needs blood. He goes to a club planning to seduce a girl with his good looks into a back room where he would suck her dry. But before he can get his teeth into any pretty girls neck someone stops him, but who?

Daniil [Pronounced Da-NEEL] Belitrov is a Master vampire and has been for centuries, making him the strongest and most feared vampire. Everyone knows him as a ruthless and cold dominant with many submissives. When he sees Adrian he can't help but want someone like him as a submissive.

But the longer Daniil had Adrian the more he realizes that this will not be as easy as he thought. Adrian won't go down without a fight for his dignity and Daniil is happy to give him one.

* * *

This story contains ManxBoy action, violence, and strong language. You have been warned.

  • bdsm
  • demon
  • dominant
  • gay
  • manxboy
  • master
  • russian
  • submissive
  • vampire
RaeleanH RaeleanH Jun 18, 2016
Very good interesting storyline can't wait to see what happens   :-)
RaniaEll RaniaEll Sep 08, 2016
I accidentily read skipped a line and read you arevdran to my nipple