Heaven On Earth - A Martin Garrix FanFic

Heaven On Earth - A Martin Garrix FanFic

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P A P By thegarrixer Updated Feb 06

"Oh come on Martin, we both have egos the size of outer space, do you think I would just walk up to you and tell you that I like you?" 

"Well, okay you're right" 

"So what now?" 

"Well, I guess we should come to an agreement. I propose no more lies and we could see where this goes, no commitments, no labels, no attachments until you're ready, deal?" 


What happens when 2 people who are the same yet completely different come together? Follow the journey of Jessica and Martin in this love / hate journey filled with love, friendship and lots of bickering.

Hope you enjoy and give this book a chance <3

Note : This is entirely a fan fiction ! The expressions and personality traits are entirely from my head . I do not own Martin's personality LOL :)
All ideas are mine. You may continue reading now :)

halbtot halbtot Jul 09, 2016
Gotta start from the beginning bc I forgot what this is about. Also, imma comment throughout the story, but I mean nothing bad by what I say, so pls don't feel offended ):
halbtot halbtot Jul 09, 2016
oh my god how can she deal with so many siblings tho?? i can't even deal with normal human beings in general tf
MartijnsPizza MartijnsPizza Sep 05, 2016
omg i went from hardwellfandom to martingarrixfandom. I don't regret anything hahahah
halbtot halbtot Jul 09, 2016
lmao rock them adidas superstars and nike free's beneath that dress bby g
Zerrayah Zerrayah Nov 07, 2015
Jessie is exactly like me!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️➕✖️
kicktherobyn kicktherobyn Oct 28, 2015
I am more of a hardwell kinda girl too but my friends gave a martinduction and now I'm hooked Lmao send help pls