Heaven On Earth - A Martin Garrix FanFic

Heaven On Earth - A Martin Garrix FanFic

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P A P By thegarrixer Updated Aug 01, 2017

"Oh come on Martin, we both have egos the size of outer space, do you think I would just walk up to you and tell you that I like you?" 

"Speak for yourself, I've been chasing you for so long, my feet hurt. Gotta give a guy some credit " he replied with his prized smirk

"So what now?" 

"Well, I guess we should come to an agreement. I propose no more lies and we could see where this goes. No commitments, no labels, no attachments, nothing whatsoever until you're ready, deal?" 


What happens when two polar opposites yet same people come together? One heck of a cheesy fanfiction is what happens. Follow Jessica and Martin in a journey of friendship, heavy sarcasm, failed relationships and lots of bickering.


Note : This is entirely a fan fiction ! The expressions and personality traits are entirely from my head . I do not own Martin's personality LOL :)
All ideas are mine. You may continue reading now :)

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southsidelunatic southsidelunatic Apr 09, 2017
woah, I love nice old ladies. They always bring the two main characters together! Love it! 😊😏
southsidelunatic southsidelunatic Apr 09, 2017
My mother wouldn't allow that sorta attitude I swear... she's lucky as hell...
southsidelunatic southsidelunatic Apr 09, 2017
Hah, not the last time he's gonna smirk at you gal. I promise😉
halbtot halbtot Jul 09, 2016
Gotta start from the beginning bc I forgot what this is about. Also, imma comment throughout the story, but I mean nothing bad by what I say, so pls don't feel offended ):
halbtot halbtot Jul 09, 2016
oh my god how can she deal with so many siblings tho?? i can't even deal with normal human beings in general tf
MartijnsPizza MartijnsPizza Sep 05, 2016
omg i went from hardwellfandom to martingarrixfandom. I don't regret anything hahahah