Marry You(SwanQueen)

Marry You(SwanQueen)

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Hogwarts Will Always Be There To Welcome You Home ❤ By the_flying_ostrich Completed

Emma and Regina have, for the past several years since Emma first arrived in Storybrooke, been falling in love. Hopelessly, desperately, irrevocably falling for each other.
The only problem is that they have no idea the other one returns their feelings.

Regina didn't believe that Emma could ever love her. After all, she's the Evil Queen. Who could ever love the monster that has only ever known hate? To distract herself from her feelings, she began seeing someone. And this someone was Robin Hood. However, what started as just a distraction ended up as an engagement.

As soon as Emma finds out about the wedding, she only has 7 days to decide whether to tell Regina her true feelings or let the woman of her dreams marry someone else. 

Will they figure out how they feel for each other before it's too late?
Find out in this fluffy, feelsy, cute little story ❤

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CindyShyintum CindyShyintum Jul 21, 2017
MM needs therapy. Like how can I not see and hear Emma devastation.
EternalSwanQueen EternalSwanQueen Jul 06, 2017
Me as Emma outside: Yea! I'm so happy for you!!
                              Me as Emma inside: Where is the motherf*cker who put the ring on your finger?! I'm going to chop his d*ck off and feed it to Maleficent in dragon form!! Then rip out your heart and crush it because Regina is MINE!!!!!
nathalie53095 nathalie53095 Feb 16, 2016
Maybe SHE should marry robin instead. Like why don't you break Emma's heart already