Princess ♕ narry

Princess ♕ narry

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"Harry! I can't be a princess!"

"You're not a princess, you're my princess."

 Harry just wants to give innocent little Niall the world.


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SparkleNarry69 SparkleNarry69 Dec 12, 2016
Lmao I have like 26..half of 'em are my family's phone numbers
SofiaSanchez376 SofiaSanchez376 Dec 09, 2016
Lol that's me idk why their always like Aww your so cute with your curls and stuff like that
SofiaSanchez376 SofiaSanchez376 Dec 09, 2016
Omg this is so me I'm so sensitive and I hate it sometimes because even if someone is just scolding me I can't help but cry I try to stop the tears from coming out I really do but I cant help it
moonwalking-thriller moonwalking-thriller Nov 29, 2016
Yo I have like 100 and I only know like 25 of them because my phone is connected to the rest of my family's phones
beautiful_flawless5 beautiful_flawless5 Dec 22, 2016
Actually that's not illegal, in the U.S. it is, but If your 16 in the UK where I'm from, you can date people over 18
-articxmonkeys -articxmonkeys Dec 23, 2016
Running through the parking lot he chased me and he wouldn't stop tag your it tag tag you're it