Shokugeki no Soma Imagines (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED)

Shokugeki no Soma Imagines (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED)

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you know what time it is ;) By riotachin_ Updated Sep 03

I tried ordering the chapters but my phone spazzed out so the chapter arrangement might be retarded.

Requests are closed for now.

I do not accept NSFW but I do accept:

Character x Reader
Character x Character
Character x Male!Reader
Female!Character x Reader
Female!Character x Male!Reader
Head Cannons .ETC

Disclaimer - I do not own Shokugeki no Soma or 'you'. All the characters belong to their rightful owners.

1 AM takes place in the night; how'll it be the morning? 1 PM is in the morning
DedicatedOtaku69 DedicatedOtaku69 Dec 07, 2015
Yuki Ryoko and Ibusaki love triangle!! That, in my opinion, sounds interesting, and your good at writing so I'm assuming you could pull it off!  if ur still taking requests
kur0ko kur0ko Aug 25, 2015
Can i request a Soma x Reader || Plot (kinda): Reader meets Soma's dad. I'll leave the rest to your imagination ^^
OyasumiSama OyasumiSama Jul 02, 2015
Ikumi x Reader pleaaaase
                              There's just so much Yukihira and Isshiki and Shinomiya etc etc I'm dying I need some content with the precious Meat Master in it;;
teamnatsu teamnatsu Jun 10, 2015
Also if you are still taking requests
                              Like an Akira x reader and a Ryo x reader!!
princezenlover princezenlover Jun 10, 2015
Can i request a oneshot for Ishiki Satoshi? the plot is what is he catching her praciting confesion in the middle of night hehehe after that is up to you~