Blue Fire and Ice (Book 1 of The Land's Tale series)

Blue Fire and Ice (Book 1 of The Land's Tale series)

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This is a story about people and animals who never existed, and yet lived a long and happy life. This is a story full of magic and improbable things, and yet there are no practitioners of magic, no witches, no wizards and absolutely no warlocks. There are no pixies or elves, no ghoulies nor ghosties and certainly no more long-leggetty beasties than absolutely necessary. There are no zombies, no vampires, no werewolves and nowhere will you find a dragon - but that is only because I forgot her name and had to leave out her until I remember it.

In the story you will find more heroes than you could shake a stick at, and just enough villains so that it needs more than a simple stout stick to defeat them. The heroes are much more modest and considerably more unassuming than those you meet in real life, yet they are, one and all, what every good hero needs to:  indomitable - and occasionally not above a bit of tit-for-tat revenge. The villains are evil, as villains should be, though not as dangerous as they are off the page, running our world, wearing blindfolds instead of robber masks and wielding the weighing scales of coin like cudgels.

There is silliness on the pages that follow, and as much nonsense as deep philosophical discourse allows. There is danger and drama, and tension, both high and low. There are oxymorons, contradictions, paradoxes, puzzles, riddles and conundrums. What there is most of, however, is a story.

And it is waiting for you.

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SamMaze SamMaze Nov 11, 2015
I'm excited to start this. This was a wonderful little author's note, and it gave a good background on, well, the background for this book. XD
DBLyon58 DBLyon58 Oct 11, 2015
This was a wonderful and enchanting read I thoroughly enjoyed the book
ericalaurie ericalaurie Sep 29, 2015
I saw @linahanson comment on your work, and came to look. I loved how you put that.
linahanson linahanson Aug 31, 2015
I believe you to be fully capable of writing 'something of Import' and still give us a pleasant ride..
AlanSkinner AlanSkinner Aug 01, 2015
Read on, McTabor, read on! And when the heavens rumble with the mirth of the immortals, it is I who will have the last laugh!
                              (Oh, well, one has to put on a brave face.)
maryltabor maryltabor Aug 01, 2015
@AlanSkinner I love this candid intro. Makes me so want to read on and hear if the immortals are chuckling or cheering. V.