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Isabella By mmafighter020 Updated 4 years ago
When Kayla wins a cruise she doesn’t expect the ship to sink. Even less she expects herself and a gorgeous vampire to be the only survivors. Together they end up on a deserted island, where Kayla has to survive the wilderness of the jungle as well as the vampire, who wants her blood. And if it isn’t enough, she isn’t able to resist his charms, even though she should.
Girl I haven't been this excited about a book in a while seriously I am sitting here at 2:00 am rereading this because it's sooooooooooooo good if you continue its basically a granted success PLEASE just like upload I think I'm going to die lol
i just read one chapter and im already in love good job!!!!!!!!(; never read better
update asap please it sounds like its going to be really good!!! <3
Yeah, the birthday you've always dreamed of...not. =)
                                    Update soon, this seems like a really interesting idea and your writing style is wonderful!
its been a year please upload stranded it sounds soooooo good.
You've got real talant. This story has an amazing plot. We need this story, its to good not to read.