My Brother's Bestfriend

My Brother's Bestfriend

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I woke up thinking two more days with a big smile on my face. Layin in my bed thinkin about this move to Atlanta near my brother and closer to August. Who I haven't seen in almost a year. I sat up and my curls fell over my face. I leaned back against my headboard and crossed my legs indian style. I took a deep breath and could smell the crisp bacon my mama was cookin bringin back memories to the summer August spent with us 


I tried to walk over the stupid idiots laid across my living room floor. 
Janet: Lexi stop yellin they sleep
I rolled my eyes 
Lexi: Ugh 
I stepped over them like they were hot lava and if I'd touch them I'd burn. I finally made it to the kitchen, mama was cookin pancakes, eggs, grits, bacon and makin some fresh orange juice. I was standing in front of the doorway watching her throw down. I was gonna go back upstairs but August, Dj's bestfriend was standin right behind me when I turned around I jumped....

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Smxii_Cupcake Smxii_Cupcake Feb 07, 2016
I would've been avoiding him hard AF.... Idk why. I just would've
HeartbrokenK HeartbrokenK Jul 30, 2016
Amber and August use to go out or something cause the tension is just 😬
QueenzJ QueenzJ Aug 16, 2015
Let me guess August F UCKED Ammonia(Amber)?? I bet.
                              Peace. One Love. J.
QueenzJ QueenzJ Aug 16, 2015
August is a big bowl of Carmel Swirl Ice Cream.
                              Peace. One Love. J.
QueenzJ QueenzJ Aug 15, 2015
Damn!! Lexi u was Preggos by August & he told u to get it terminated?? August that's  F UCKED Up.
                              Peace. One Love. J.
QueenzJ QueenzJ Aug 15, 2015
Lexi Beat Ammonia(Amber) AZZ plzzzz. U better say something & say it loud.
                              Peace. One Love. J.