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Nordics x child reader

Nordics x child reader

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inactive By byem8s Updated Jun 06, 2016

"Stupid girl, this is the wrong beer!" A beer bottle smashed against the wall as you ducked in cover. The man you knew as your father stood towering of your four year old self. "I take you in. Put a roof over your head and give you clothing and this is how you repay me?" His hand flew down as you dodged it. He hated it when you dodged even if it was a reflex. He took a strong hold of your small arm and swing again, harder this time for dodging the first one. The hit was so hard it sent you to the floor. "______ you can't do anything right!"

"I tried." You said through your tears as you got up. "I'm sorry."

"Oh ______ is sorry?" He stepped closer to you. "Oh you don't know what sorry is!" He swung and hit you again sending you back to the ground. "You're worthless. You're dumb. You're scum and no one will ever love you because of it." He spit on your face as he left the room. "Clean the mess you made on the wall." He told you as he was talking about the shattered beer bottle and the b...

Me: *is in a tree hidden...shoots him with needle gun*
                              Dad: *falls to the ground dead*
                              Norway: What just happened? 
                              Finland: I don't know!
                              Me: *gets out of tree* YOU WERE NOT AWESOME.  YOU HAD TO DIE.  
                              Everyone: 0_0 
                              Me: AUF WIEDERSEHEN!
Lol before reading this story I read one were I was the faroe islands
Fun Fact: In Greenland there is a majority of snow/ice while in Iceland:You mostly see grass and plants
Fun fact: I've never heard of a Swede named Berwald, and I'm from Sweden myself.
Nyo_Norgay Nyo_Norgay Nov 12, 2016
Yay !! A month till Christmas!! Can you guys get me books? I haven't been able to adopt any for the past few months ;-;
Fuck_You_Cis_Scum Fuck_You_Cis_Scum Oct 26, 2016
Ahem..... Okay... Don't mean to be that person, but, technically, Denmark is also Greenland in the World of Hetalia, because in real life Denmark owns Greenland.