The Observations of Patrick Kraker.

The Observations of Patrick Kraker.

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I'm pretty extraordinary (read: absolutely normal) for an average guy named Patrick- Patrick Kraker, and before you ask, no, I do not want a cracker; neither does Polly. Polly's sick of crackers.

a) My summer job may or may not involve spray painting myself completely silver and standing motionless in the park. Of course not.

b) I also may or may not be investigating and communicating with a homeless guy who is (possibly): one, not actually homeless and two, part of a cult of (probably) bloodthirsty satanic worshippers.


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FlopTheUnicorn FlopTheUnicorn Sep 21, 2017
I like the British skies... Everywhere else seems too hot 😂
Nothnx22 Nothnx22 Oct 25, 2017
Theres a 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it...but the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it....
                              LIKE MAY.BE
JWCMaher JWCMaher Jul 24, 2017
My grandmother always had an endless supply of Werther's Originals in her purse. You never saw her replenish. It was like a Mary Poppins/Hermione bag for butterscotch crunches.
hippoprimpo hippoprimpo Jan 09
what do yall have against cats they are nice if you give them food and purr and sleep on your lap and do the painful walking on your boob
JWCMaher JWCMaher Jul 24, 2017
Mine, only trade the moody British skies for the blazing sun of the Okanagan in Canada.
ReferencingMyOCs ReferencingMyOCs Oct 03, 2017
I'm gonna reread this. I need it back in my life right about now. Wait, that kinda makes it sound like I'm depressed. I'm not! I swear! I'm just stressed and bored as hell and really need a good laugh!