The outsiders x reader

The outsiders x reader

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Hailey :3 By haileys_demon Updated Jul 13, 2016

This story is about how a girl named (y/n), she's a Soc and a you may ask, well she's a soc at school but outside she's a greaser but she looks kinda like she's both. She feels that the socs have no right to beat up greasers, she's met ponyboy at school but never actually hanged out with him. What will happen if she runs into a gang of greasers, almost all greasers know each what will happen to (y/n) when they meet her, and what will happen if they figure out she was soc the whole time!? To answer all ur questions read this book to find out 

This is happens after what happens after the murder and every thing, but Johnny didn't die, he went into a coma for a week and dally didn't get shot that bad and he recovered, Ponyboy changed his hair back and it grew and so did Johnny's hair.

  • dally
  • derry
  • johnny
  • ponyboy
  • sodapop
  • steve
  • twobit

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