Tangled Up in You (Hiro x Reader)

Tangled Up in You (Hiro x Reader)

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Tangled!AU, Hiro x Reader
{Just replace the characters in Tangled with the ones in BH6}

All her life, (Y/N) wanted to see those mysterious lights that glowed every night on her birthday. But her father never even let her leave her tower. So when a runaway thief scaled her tower one day, the first person she ever met, she decides to make use of him. At the same time, her father left for a 3 day journey, so that's plenty of time for her to go see the lights and return. 

Same plot, just slight differences between the scenes. 
- Like when Flynn and the twins escape the castle, Hiro, Wasabi, and Fred escape the castle in a car, across the San Fransokyo bridge.
- And when Max chases down Flynn = Hiro vs Baymax. 
- (Y/N) doesn't have blonde hair either. 
     If you want to know how her hair works, you got to read this story.
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters, the plot, or some of these lines. I'm just altering things for the fact that it's a Hiro x Reader Tangled!AU.

starwarslover_07 starwarslover_07 Nov 19, 2016
I was singing this and my dad said," I CANT GET MY PANTS ON!!"
                              And i yelled back," YOU RUINED THE MOMENT!!"
Lilyannap Lilyannap Oct 19, 2016
Not to brag my friend says I sound like rapunzel when singing that dong
helenelynghaug helenelynghaug Jul 14, 2016
Admin: WHAT?!
                              My brother: It's a damn story!
                              Me: shut up, filthy Frank!
                              Brother: Name's Floxu!
                              Me: Ok Fluor!
emmasutt emmasutt Jun 17, 2016
That moment when you look exactly like Rapunzel with brown hair and glasses
Viva_La_Fandom Viva_La_Fandom Jun 27, 2016
That's a very interesting lullaby for a mother to sing to an infant child
Artie_V Artie_V Jan 10
I don't mind sleeping in all day and not do nothing inside the tower XDD