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I Said,"No."

I Said,"No."

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MochiJimin1004 By MochiJimin1004 Updated Feb 03

* * *
In a dark place blooms a pure white rose...

A young hand reaches out to enchanting being

'Beautiful,' whispers a voice

The hand stops in place just as it's about to touch the rose

A small metallic noise is heard in the dark abyss...


A chain slithers up the arm and wraps its self around the wrist...


'No,' whispers the voice

A white petal falls softly from the rose

'No,' the voice whispers again in agony

More pure white petals fall


The chains tighten....

The flower wilts...

The petals rise, creating a new beauty

A beauty of different color; a different meaning

A striped carnation

                                               * * *

(Y/n) Hitachiin is the older sister of the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. She used to live in America with her father, but has come back to Japan as a student at Ouran High School. All (Y/n) really wants is to get through high school and take over her fathers business... but things don't go quite as planned when she stumbles upon an abandoned music room, and meets an annoying Shadow King. Things only get worse when she makes a bet with the Demon Lord himself.
As time passes, (Y/n) learns that her life isn't to go quite as she expected when she uncovers parts of her she once knew. 
Will she live up to her fathers expectations, or will she 
follow her heart?

Just_A_Ghost_8D Just_A_Ghost_8D Dec 05, 2016
Me:*Pushes up glasses* HMMMMMMMMM SURRRRREEEEEEEEE(150% Sarcasm)
- - Feb 04
Okay, so why is no reaction!!? he didn't she was their sister until now, so why?!
Just_A_Ghost_8D Just_A_Ghost_8D Dec 05, 2016
I have actually seen my brothers(twins) doing some stuff together....i actually can't believe they are only in 3rd grade and they are.......doing stuff with eachother
fellsans232 fellsans232 Jan 16
I actually loved the school. Everyone judges the color though....
Angelfire_113 Angelfire_113 Dec 25, 2016
Oh forgive me I am terribly sorry you people watch not stalk....yes because those are for sure two different things
Derpmaster21 Derpmaster21 Dec 13, 2016
This, Kyoya, is why ur my second favorite out of the host club