The Streetz(Lost Souls) #Watty2015

The Streetz(Lost Souls) #Watty2015

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Kiandra Jackson By Extasy_Kisses Updated Aug 29

Paris Williams is very poor and lives with her mother.She doesn't have many clothes and no friends at all. Her mother struggles to pay bills so Paris had to find a job. One night she was looking for her mom  in an alley and her life changes dramatically.What happens when she runs into a known street hustler,Dice. 

Da'Marious "Dice "Thomas isn't your average hustler either but he is very cold hearted and stubborn. Dice has been on his own since he was 12, his mom took off with her boyfriend leaving Dice and his little brother in an apartment by himself. He been trinna make the most money possible.But living in Georgia wasn't easy.

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I take what i said back on the last chapter.. I high-key want Dice and Paris to date
I feel bad for her.. People arw so rude and quick tk judge.. But they don't know what's going on at home... I think it's messed up
tEAmWeezY tEAmWeezY Aug 09, 2015
If you know she needs help and you know how it feels, why didn't you help and it's been a month?
ChinaChinaChina ChinaChinaChina Jul 27, 2015
dice is crushing for sure.. im positive she will make her mom proud