Yay! A KPop Fanfic!!! This one is centered around BTS and more closely around the ship: V-Hope. I hope you enjoy!


"Great job today, guys!" A cheerful Kim Namjoon praises his band mates with a smile and a pat on each of their backs as they shuffle into the van waiting for them. He slides the door shut before getting into the front seat himself, sliding into the seat next to their manager. 

Behind the proud leader sat a rather tired Jungkook and between the maknae who was falling asleep and a jittery Taehyung, sat an equally bouncy Jimin. The energy used in their performance still hadn't wore off apparently on account of their still hyper state. The youngest one who shared the van's row of seats with them put on headphones to drown out their nonsense and to get sleep before arriving at the dorm. 

Following Jungkook's lead, Yoongi did the same when he saw the ingenious idea of the maknae he sat behind. The elder and Seokjin were getting fed up with Hoseok who also was a bit rile...

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hearthoseok hearthoseok Jul 28, 2016
this is hurting my hearteu
                              i just picture hoseok sobbing next to taehyung begging for him to wake up