Harry Potter x reader

Harry Potter x reader

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Moony By Draco_Malfoy13 Updated Oct 03, 2016

Oc x Harry Potter characters.
Reader x Harry Potter characters.

Im currently not taking in any forms, but thanks for trying.

Girl x girl 
Boy x boy
Girl x boy

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9 3/4 (haha) unicorn hair string core
                              Redwood swishy flexibility
She is a muggle born, (she is my descendants OC so bear with me) she has tenticals like her mother morgana. She try's to keep harry from killing himself. She has a crush on Fred and harry and Ron and heroine know but her crushes couldn't be more oblivious  about it.
Muggle born
                              Only child
                              Gifted at potions
                              nice but sassy
                              (Trying to think of other stuff.......)
                              She's part of the DA
                              Patronus is a white stallion 
                              She can breath underwater (HELPFULL FOR THE TRIWIZARD TOUNAMENT)
                              That's it I think :/ I got nothing left so ya
Be careful and use protection' is what Mione should have said
Swing someone die or get hurt, she's also claustrophobic so ya.
inspire_sanity inspire_sanity Mar 05, 2016
When i first read Draco's name i didn't think that it was pronounced as Drayco. I thought it was Draaco.